If you are new to Yoga it can be a little intimidating to say the least.  Here's some things you should know that may make that first class a little easier to walk into.

1. Drink lots of water yoga in a heated studio takes sweating to a new level.

2. Don't eat before the class.

3. The studio is a quiet space, before and after practice it is used as a place for meditation, so dont have a conversation inside the room wait until you leave.

4. You NEED to bring water, a yoga mat and a large towel.  If you don't have something the front desk has rentals available for a small cost.  Mat's are also available for purchase.

5. Wear minimal clothing, clothes should have sweat wicking properties and be lightweight.

6. Please come early, once practice has begun no one will be admitted into the studio.

7. If at anytime during practice you feel uncomfortable from the heat lay down on your mat in savasanna and relax.